Myohan Oh
Graphic Designer


Korean-American, Graphic Designer, Elephant lover, Perfectionist, Chicago Dweller, SAIC Grad, ENFJ.


Myohan Oh

Myohan Oh, a Korean-born American from New Jersey, residing in downtown Chicago, graduated from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago with a Bachelors of Fine Arts degree and an emphasis on Visual Communication Design.

Myohan has a propensity towards minimalism; he is attracted to bold, complex compositions that lead the eye across a whole layout. He is inspired by past and present (whether the subject be a whole country or himself) and how those two mix to create new aesthetics and content. Myohan sees design as the best means of communication, and is driven by his desire to give voice to entities that go forgotten or unnoticed.

An economic environmentalist once said that design is the first sign of human intention. I couldn't agree more with that statement, and would go on to say that every design decision must be intentional and communicative of/relevant to the concept.